Updates under work:

– November 2015:
Short bows and "other bows" (any medieval bows except longbows) can shoot in movement with malus –1 to the die (it was already permitted for cavalry; mounted foot still cannot shoot in movement).

– May 2015:
Pikemen in light clothing may move 20 cm, without formation (trailing their pikes on the ground).
NB: pikemen without formation fight with their sword, not with their pike.

– May 2015:

An optional rule now permits to shoot at any moment of a game turn, if really necessary:
If someone needs to shoot at the very beginning of a game turn (before any moves take place) he can do so, and dice can be rolled immediately; if someone wants to shoot during the movement phase he can do so (if his weapon allows it), but it's better to roll dice only when all movements are completed (to prevent players from changing their moves because of the dice result).
Units firing in volley are still forbidden to fire before the shooting phase (except if they were already ready to fire in the shooting phase of the previous game turn).

– October 2014:

Medieval crossbows have no malus against "armour 5".
Slings use same shooting table as "other bows" (but slingers are not protected by terrain).

– September 2014:
Foot soldiers with  javelins must roll 6 to hit at [0-20 cm], but their back ranks may shoot overhead without malus.
(currently under test).

— March 2014:
Long range of arquebus and musketoon is slightly expanded for a greater tactical interest:
[0-10/10-20/20-40 cm] instead of [0-10/10-20/20-30 cm].

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   « Argad ! » is a mix of role-playing game and miniature skirmish game.

    These rules work better if a game master or organizer imagines a scenario and a story, and if players consider their miniatures as living characters, not game pawns.

   The rules are devised for 28mm miniatures and large game tables with many terrain features (but it's possible to play with other miniature scales).

   Our "friendly simultaneous" (no IGOUGO, no initiative) system may look strange and unfamiliar at first, but is simple and encourages fast moves and daring actions on the game table.

    Quick reference sheets include movement, shooting, and melee tables, which can be used easily to play adventures, skirmishes and fights.

  Each player commands a small troop (typically 10-30 miniatures) and is represented by the character of the group leader, warband chief or officer.

   There is no complicated game mechanism, it's man-to-man quick combat resolution, but the rules allow tactical choices (such as forming in close order: shield wall, or fire by volley...)

    It's a toolbox, and many extensions are not complete or are still being tested. But it's free!

  The 1996 medieval basic rules were very simple and easy-to-play; the 2010 developments of the rules, and some extensions to later periods, added many useful details but some of the 2010-2012 editions of the rules became too complicated. New rewritings have been done since 2013.

Some interesting game AAR have been translated in English, with many pictures!:


Dark Ages ("arthurian"):

Dark Ages (Vikings):

Hundred Years War, 14th century:


Thirty Years War:


Colonial (Sudan c. 1882):

Free downloads

    Texts printed in blue in the rules and in the tables are optional or advanced rules, which can be ignored for a simple game.

   The "quick reference sheets" mention the most common weapons and tactical modifiers useful in their historical (or fantasy) context. All tables and weapons are compatible (effects and shooting ranges are simplified for playability), so the soldiers and weapons of different historical periods (using different reference sheets) can be mixed in imaginary contexts.

« Argad ! » BASIC RULES

February 2014

  967 Ko

A few explanatory DIAGRAMS

May 2014

  246 Ko

A short explanation of our

January 2014

  193 Ko

Optional rules suggestions for player characters and NPC,
wounds and healing of characters,
and an empty chart for LOCATION DICE

December 2013
516 Ko

Optional rules suggestions and empty charts for
and the famous "Hrrmmph... IT COULD TAKE SOME TIME!" optional rule

February 2012

  221 Ko

Quick reference sheet
4th-7th century
(End of Roman Empire + early Dark Ages)

December 2015

  135 Ko

Quick reference sheet
8th-11th century (second half of the Dark Ages)

December 2015

  135 Ko

Quick reference sheet
14th century (first part of the HYW)

December 2015
  139 Ko

Quick reference sheet
Mid-16th to mid-17th century: Wars of Religion, TYW, ECW
- To be updated -

  152 Ko

Quick reference sheet
Privateers and pirates

January 2016

  147 Ko

Quick reference sheet
Late 17th century and 18th century
- To be updated
  152 Ko

Quick reference sheet
Second half of the 18th century in North America: FIW and AWI
- To be updated
  152 Ko

Suggested conversions to the "Imperial/US length system"

  September 2013
135 Ko

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These skirmish rules were first published in 1996 as a bilingual (Breton + French) booklet. During a few years, a fanzine called « An Argader » published updates, extensions, scenarios, and discussions. The fanzine no longer exists but has been replaced by our forum.

Cover of the 1996
bilingual edition of the rules