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A mix of RPG and miniature skirmish
 « Argad ! » is a mix of role-playing game and miniature skirmish game.

The rules are devised for 28mm/25mm miniatures and work better when a game master (GM) or organiser imagines a scenario and story. They also work for simple games at 1/72 scale.

   Our "friendly simultaneous" (no IGOUGO, no initiative) system may seem strange and unfamiliar at first, but is simple and encourages very fast moves and daring actions.

   Quick reference sheets include movement, shooting, and melee tables, which can be used easily to play adventures, skirmishes and fights.

   Each player is represented by a character: adventurer, warband chief, military officer... accompanied
by a small bunch of followers or small troop of warriors... or pirates... or soldiers... (typically 10-30 strong) or by a handful of companions only.

  The best games happen when players try to delay or to avoid battle as long as possible. The system is so fast-flowing that 5-6 players can do 30-40 game turns and often more in a few hours, this allows many moves, terrain exploration, diplomacy...

More extensions and explanations are always under work and/or being tested.

We apologise for awkward syntax and wording in the translations in English.

"Argad" means "attack" in the Breton language
(from the word "kad" which means fight or battle, same origin as the words "cad" in Welsh and "cath" in Irish).

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Updated generic rules. Experience has shown it was necessary to state clearly what these rules are about and what they are not. This PDF document (48 pages) explains the basic system, answers a number of issues which caused problems, and a large part is devoted to suggestions and ideas for the RPG dimension which is the main interest and purpose of the rules.

— Argad! generic rules

48 pages,  April 2020

— Argad! generic supplement for cavalry and mounted troops (16 pages, June 2021)  is here.
(The generic cavalry supplement of May 2020 was too dense and some details were not clearly explained; this new one contains more useful examples, pictures, and ideas).

— "Argad light" for confined gamers ...and/or to understand the system easily (1 page, April 2020) is here.

Dark Ages & Middle Ages

Weapons are mentioned when useful in a precise context, or omitted when unnecessary, but all reference sheets are compatible.

Reference sheet, 4th-7th C. October 2021

Un géant chez les Pictes (compte-rendu arthurien) 43-2016

Reference sheet, 8th-11th C. March 2020

La saga de Leif Sigursen P1020714

Reference sheet, mid-14th century March 2020

Marchés d'andouilles à Langoëlan G

Archery tables    November 2021

(A 4-pages compilation of the shooting tables and optional rules for bows and crossbows which appear separately in the other documents.)

Sengoku Japan

(2-pages reference sheet and 8-pages extension with explanations and suggestions)

Reference sheet, Sengoku Japan 16th century June 2021

Black powder & muskets

Weapons are mentioned when useful in a precise context, or omitted when unnecessary, but all reference sheets are compatible.

Reference sheet, mid-16th century to mid-17th century   January 2021

Bière, convois et maléfices (hiver 1630-1631) 27

Reference sheet, privateers and pirates c.1700 (ashore)   October 2020

    The privateers and pirates reference sheet may also be used with the previous sheet for early buccaneers, or with the following one if other details are needed. No naval rules are included, the game system may be used in conjunction with those you like best; or ships may be at anchor or grounded when a game begins.

Pirates du dimanche (Theix 16 février 2020) 100_1214b

Reference sheet, 18th C. and early 19th C.   January 2021

Remark: the usual melee system does not work well for cavalry lancers of this period, an improvement will be suggested. Lancers probably need to lose a +1 factor when fighting against charging cavalry.

Des Bleus et des Blancs - partie du 13 avril 2019 100_0107b

Tables for 18th C. and early 19th C. firearms   January 2021

    These two last documents are valid from c.1700 till the first decades of the 19th century (and even till Zorro, The Miserables, and the Alamo).


A medieval-fantasy dimension was included in the rules since the first edition in 1996, with different abilities for humanoids, a system of +1 and –1 factors when fighting stronger or weaker creatures, etc. It works quite well but is sometimes clumsy, with too many factors added to, or substracted from, the D6.

  A new system with D4, D8, D10 etc. (for fantasy only, not for normal humans who always use a D6) is currently being studied and appears very promising. :)

  A first document and reference sheet (November 2021, UPDATED January 2022) for Ogres and Half-Ogres is

   The rules are not linked to any peculiar universe or fantasy world, the GMs or game organiser may devise what they wish.

Older suggestions and ideas (parts of which may be outdated)
   PCs, NPCs, wounds and healing (December 2013)
   Meteo dice & emoticon dice (March 2012)

Some inspiring AARs, with many pictures!

— 28 mm / 25 mm:

Dark Ages (Arthurian)
Ferry Cross the Loire
The war of Angles and Picts in the Vita Gobrieni
Struggle for Kerantrech: here and here
A village between them
The giant in the valley
Revenge for a village
A village too far

Dark Ages (Vikings)
My drakkar for a horse!
The infamy of Leif Sigursen

Hundred Years War (early HYW, mid-14th century)
An Davarn Ruz (The Red Inn)
Big rise in traitor value (in French, many detailed pictures)
Two dukes, one crown
A fight for a dyke
The banks of the river Loire
Return of the alchemist
A village of merchants
Black powder and alchemist blood

Samurais (Sengoku Japan)

Fall of the Haru clan (in French, many detailed pictures)
Eliminate all threats on your domain (in French, many detailed pictures)
Defend the borders (in French, many detailed pictures)
Hojo unification (in French, many detailed pictures)
Ichi's revenge (in French, many detailed pictures)
Bad karma for the heirs (in French, many detailed pictures)

Hard Times for Nakagawa Family (in French, many detailed pictures)
The Fate of a Merchant (short video and AAR in French)
First game in a 16th century (Sengoku period) campaign

Wars of Religion in Brittany, Late 16th century

Blood in Brittany, 1591
Running solves nothing

Thirty Years War
Beer, wagons, and spells
Pictures of another TYW game
Pictures of a TYW skirmish game
Another TYW skirmish...
A TYW skirmish...

Privateers and pirates c.1700
A game for two pirates
Mystery at Saint-Domingue
Raid on San Augustin
Tobacco smuggling on the coast of Brittany
WoSS and pirates game on three tables

French Revolutionary Wars
The Blues and the Whites

Old West
A new mayor for Scratchbuilt Town (in French, many detailed pictures)

Colonial (Sudan c. 1882)

The battle of Korduf

La vallée vierge (in French)
The eye of the Sad Dragon
A pyramid with hyenas
The temple of the Sad Dragon

— 1/72 plastic (in French):

Aventure kemetienne
Défense de la forêt enchantée
Barbecue préhistorique
Pillage d'un village égyptien
Grabuge à la ferme
Nettoyage à Bornanbusc
Incident à la frontiere nord
Rapport N°291219001 - Tombeau de Khnakhta
Rapport N°150819 01
Black Hawk Dawn
Tous à la manif !
Rapport N°011219 03
Assault à Targanizac

These skirmish rules were first published in 1996 as a bilingual (Breton + French) booklet. During a few years, a fanzine called « An Argader » published updates, extensions, scenarios, and discussions. The fanzine no longer exists but has been replaced by our forum.

Cover of the 1996
bilingual edition of the rules